Mediation is a proven, successful process that can help you find the best resolution for your dispute. A mediator acts as neither a judge nor an arbiter of your dispute, and also does not serve as a consultant, advisor, or lawyer during the mediation process. A mediator simply provides a structure for your conversation. A mediator works to give you the best chance at understanding each other and listening to each other, and identifying the real reason why you’re at odds. You can resolve your issue, using your own words, on your own terms, as a collaborative team.

I first began conducting mediations in 1997 while in law school in the U.S., volunteering at small claims court. I went on to mediate complaints made against attorneys at my local bar association with a 100% success rate. When I moved to Israel in 2009, I decided to enroll in training here, and found that although the basic process is the same, big adjustments must be made for some very different cultural attitudes!

I am currently available to assist individuals and small groups in the Haifa region. My services are particularly useful to conflicts between U.S. expats (Olim) and native Israelis, and conclude with a formal contract — in Hebrew and/or in English — and signed by both parties. 

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